Web3 Wallets

Access Web 3.0 With The Following Ethereum Wallets

What is a web3 wallet?

A web3 wallet is software that allows you to access web 3.0, send/receive funds, interact with smart contracts, and play Dapps. The wallets are built with Ethereum's JavaScript API. Web3 wallets let you interact with a local or remote ethereum node.

About Dapps, Ethereum, Tokens and Web3 Wallets.

In the world of Ethereum and cryptocurrencies, it is important to have a wallet which can both receive and send Ether, Bitcoin, and all other virtual currencies. However, in the specific case of Ethereum, users can perform many more actions with the Ethereum blockchain with decentralized applications also called DApps. To be clearer about the concept it is important to be clear about how a traditional web application works. Currently, a web application consists of a backend that processes all the business logic, a database where the information is stored and the frontend that represents all the information and interacts with the user. In a DApp, the backend is the same for smart contracts and the database for the blockchain. DApps or decentralized applications are applications that replace the traditional backend with a backend based on a blockchain. Through Ethereum, the necessary technology was created to execute smart contracts that now serve as a backend for many decentralized applications. Some of the information sent on the blockchain is in the form of cryptographic transactions done from one wallet to another. Therefore, it is important for the crypto community to have web3 wallets in order to interact with smart contracts, send funds, play dApps, and access Web 3.0.