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DAPPVOLUME: SUBMIT YOUR DAPP FOR FREE! The scalability and robustness of Ethereum is the creation of tokens on its blockchain which is like a sub-currency to the ether. The rapid increase of ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is as a result of the many decentralized applications (DApps) created on the Ethereum blockchain. Although, many ICO ought to be called ITO (Initial Token Offering) due to them being tokens. The programming language used in the creation of smart contracts for Ethereum is Solidity. The most common languages to interact with a smart contract are Javascript and GO which can be learned by anyone anywhere around the globe. At DappVolume, we charge no cost for submitting DApp. Some information is required which is crucial to your success on the DappVolume Platform during submission such as:

  1. DApp Name: This is the name of the token or project which is to be submitted
  2. Author Name (s): this is important for users to get to know the creator of the token or DApp better
  3. The email of the author is private.
  4. Website URL of the DApp to be submitted.
  5. Whitepaper is not necessary but it's important just so that the crypto community can better understand and trust your project.
  6. DApp Teaser: It's the catchy tagline or SLOGAN of the crypto project
  7. DApp Photo or Logo.
  8. DApp description: This should contain the summary of the whole DApp project. We suggest you make it detailed.
  9. DApp Social Links which is the official social media accounts for the DApp project such as Twitter, Facebook page, Telegram Group or Channel, BitcoinTalk, Github amongst others.
  10. The Contract Addresses such as the Ethereum Smart Contract Address (es) which is compulsory and the POA Network Contract Address (es) which could be optional. Kindly note that while submitting DApp on the DappVolume website, it is important for you to choose a category in which the DApp belongs to in terms of the functionality or purpose for which it was created. Create your DApp but don't worry about listing/submission as it is all free on the DappVolume Platform.